Thank you for being so fast ,, I have a lot more to do with you real soon very happy with your service,, Also I like the automatic log in cause I for got all my info on loging in ,, Thanks Again Ill be talking soon !!

John Thiele


Okay, Alex, thanks!
By the way, I think that both the targeted and untargeted lists are very good, but the targeted ones are awesome. I have been very happy with what I'm seeing. The targeted lists understandably pull more-involved visitors. Truthfully, I think for my stuff, you guys are outpulling both yahoo and google (at a fraction of the price) and beating them on both the bounce rate and clickthrough rates!  Plus, with those guys you're always up against the retail behemoths with sea-deep pockets. Very expensive for little guys (or gals) to compete.
I have tried one service after another that has promised tons traffic and a gazillion hits, but the quality was almost always nil. As I track your lists, I am getting clear readouts that not only are the numbers being delivered, but the visitors from your lists are actually sticking around. This has all been a real shot in the arm for me and my sites. It's been a rough year. Thanks so much for your help. I appreciate your fast and on-target responses.
Best to you, and I'll be around!
Lorena Maverick


Thanks so much! After my campiains run out i will order again from you great service. Great prices,I have made 13 sales so far from my order of hits thanks!
Sasha Locker


You just changed my thinking completely IT used to be buy more links buy more links now its changed  buy one link buy more cheap traffic buy more cheap traffic I just tried you out two days ago you will be seeing more of me thats for sure pretty good stuff

Craig Calabrese


Hello Alex,
Thank You very much for the support.
I am impressed with your service!  I will be using your services in the future quite a lot. and I will be telling others about it too.  Very good support and help!
Also, Do you have affiliate links for you site that I may put on my business sites?
If not, it don't matter cause your service is to good to pass up anyway!
Again Thank
Don Merrifield 




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